Innovative Kitchen Gadgets to Geek Out Over

Innovative Kitchen Gadgets to Geek Out Over

Foodies and geeks may not share the same taste when it comes to hobbies, but in theory they might have a lot in common. You see there’s a thin line between scientist and chef. Both combine carefully measured ingredients, strive to be innovative, and of course, both wear awesome white coats. Here are some innovative (read: geeky) kitchen gadgets that will go great with your Essex Worktops and bridge the gap between the joy and science of cooking.

Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit

If you feel more at home in a laboratory than a kitchen then you just might be able to wrap your head around the Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit. Trade in hours of chopping and sifting for spherification, gelification and emulsification. The kit includes everything you need (including an instructional DVD) to experiment with unusual foods like spaghetti made of tomato soup or foam that tastes like beets. Check It Out

COMPAC Digital Surfaces Kitchen Keyboard

Transitioning from digital to anolog can be somewhat jarring for tech geeks, making the kitchen a particular scary place to venture. Knob and handle interfaces on stoves and sinks seem so archaic as compared to touch screens and buttons. COMPAC Digital Surfaces hopes to help you upgrade from microwave dinners to real home cooked meals with their kitchen keyboard concept. Check It Out

BrainWave Desktop Microwave

If you can’t pry yourself away from coding websites (or playing World of Warcraft) long enough to eat, then obviously you need food you can eat at your desk. We’ll do you one better—food you can cook at your desk. The BrainWave desktop microwave concept would allow you to cook pre-packaged meals without leaving your chair. It would even sync with your computer to let you know how long your food had left to cook. Check It Out

Fred Equal Measure Measuring Cup

Science nerds are constantly calculating and quantifying and as a result they tend to know some pretty useless interesting facts. So while most people would measure milk in ml, someone with brain like Sheldon Cooper might measure it in quantities like “the amount of water in a cumulous cloud the size of a bus.” Check It Out

Boil Buoy

Cooking may not be an exact science, but it’s important to be consistent whenever you’re experimenting with a recipe… or a science experiment. Don’t over boil your noodles or sodium bicarbonate ever again with the boil buoy which rings when your liquid comes to a boil. Check It Out

Smart Fridge

When left to their own devices geeks and nerds tend to eat a lot of hot pockets. It’s not that they want to perpetuate the stereotype that geeks are greasy slobs, but their current set of hobbies take up a lot of time and leave little room for learning new recipes. The Smart Fridge concept makes meal planning easy in a cool high-tech way. Depending on what you put inside, it will give you a recipe idea and provide instructions on how to cook it. Check It Out

OCD Chef Cutting Board

There’s a lot of math and measurement involved in cooking… in fact there’s kind of a science to it. A “dash of this” and a “pinch of that” won’t do if you plan to take the scientific approach to cuisine. The OCD Chef Cutting Board provides proper guidelines to help you julienne your vegetables to correct millimeter. Check It Out

Kitchen Countertop with a Brain

The ultimate geek kitchen may or may not include smart fridges and super accurate cutting boards, but in order to achieve futuristic sci-fi status it will have to include touch control counter tops. Of course that sounds insanely expensive (especially if it’s designed by Corning) but Ryder Ziola, a grad student at the University of Washington came up with a cost effective solution. Instead of using touch sensitive surfaces the concept would use cameras to detect objects on the counter and a projector to overlay information. This Kitchen Countertop with a Brain would be able to perform a number of tasks, such as the ability to recognize food and provide recipes or nutritional information. Check It Out

Pure System Microbe Killing Sanitizer

They say ignorance is bliss, which makes sense because it’s hard to keep calm when you’re a smart nerd who’s worried about the thousands of tiny microbes crawling around your cutting board. We suspect that Chang Shin Gwak, the designer of the Pure System kitchen sterilizer, to be a very smart and paranoid nerd. Check It Out

AppleBoard Pro Cutting Board

If it were up to Apple geeks everything would be tiny, slim and covered in apples. The Appleboard Pro, designed to look like a Macbook, fits the criteria—especially if you use it to cut actual apples. Check It Out

Chickenborg Egg Cuber

It might just be the way Think Geek is portraying this product, but the Chickenborg Egg Cuber is a must have for Star Trek geeks who want to assimilate their breakfast foods. Check It Out

Gyro Bowl

What’s the best way to keep your kids from spilling their food? The short answer is science. The long answer is kind of complicated, but thanks to Gyro Bowl all you need to know is that this product will keep you from vacuuming up cheerios all the time. Check It Out

Fridge of the Future

We were already thoroughly impressed with the idea of a fridge that tells you what to cook based on what’s in your fridge, but the smart fridge ain’t got nothing on the Fridge of the Future. This concept fridge makes suggestions based on what’s going to expire soon and will even order groceries when needed. The (very ambitious) creators even hope to make it self cleaning, making sure you have plenty of time to rewatch Battlestar Gallactica in its entirety for the seventh time. Check It Out

Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker

What makes the Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker so appealing to nerds? Other than the fact that it prepares delicious brain food, its intelligence rivals their own. This rice cooker thinks for itself, adjusting temperature and timing to cook the perfect rice. Check It Out

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