It'sa Me, Mario. I'ma Gonna Light Up Your Room!

It'sa Me, Mario. I'ma Gonna Light Up Your Room!

I’m one of those grumpy old people who waxes nostalgic about Super Mario Bros. because I haven’t attempted to play a video game since my college days when I burned a few good brain cells playing Mario Kart on Nintendo 64. So while I don’t “get” today’s realistic games, I most certainly appreciate this lamp that’s fashioned after the coin blocks that appear throughout the Super Mario series. Available from Etsy and made to order, the 6×6 inch plexiglass cube lamp is actually interactive and features a touch sensitive bottom. One punch…err, touch and it will light up while playing that classic “coin” sound. Even cooler, every 8 cycles, you’ll get a “1-Up” sound instead.


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