It's Purrrfect!: Cat Lady's Dream House

It's Purrrfect!: Cat Lady's Dream House

Barbie’s Dream House is full of pretty clothes, teensy accessories, too many shoes and tons of other pink stuff. The Plus-Nyan house by Asahi Kasei is the Cat Lady’s Dream House. It’s filled with elevated platforms, tunnels, cat walks, steps, viewing areas, fish decorations, and even a litterbox right next to the people-toilet. Wheeeeee! I bet it smells like paradise in there. Cat paradise, if you catch my drift. And by paradise I clearly mean shit and piss! Wheeeee, indeed. The only downside is that the cats pictured are NOT included. But you think that’s really gonna be an issue? It shouldn’t be! Proficiency in cat burglarly is like one of the requirements of getting your Cat Lady license. And if you think that sounds crazy, then maybe you weren’t cut out for the world of cat hoarding. You ever think of that?

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