ImageSnap Lets You Tile Your Home With Memories

ImageSnap Lets You Tile Your Home With Memories

If you’re anything like me (Lord help you) then you’ve got millions of digital pictures between your PC, camera, phone and Facebook albums, but you have picture frames in your house that still have the original models in them. (I tell people they’re my host family from that time I spent a summer in Europe.) That’s because it’s annoying to print photos. Every time I print photos they rip, get coffee spilled on them or chewed on by pets and/or small children. All before I ever get them into a frame (which admittedly could be months because I’m so lazy). But ImageSnap ceramic tiles don’t have to go in frames and they don’t get destroyed, ripped or catch fire as easily as paper prints. Available in sizes from teeny 2”x2” tiles all the way up to a 12”x12” slab, you can upload images or import them from Instagram (which, to the dismay of elitist Apple hipsters, is coming to Android soon.)


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  • Wow, what a lovely idea! I’d really like to do this with all those photos that are just bouncing around my hard drive.

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