Emoticon Calendar Tracks Your Feelings

Emoticon Calendar Tracks Your Feelings

This is The Life Calendar by Brigada Creative. It isn’t a traditional calendar, it doesn’t have any dates. The Life Calendar’s just got a bunch (365, to be exact) of circles so you can draw an emoticon based on how you feel about your day. If you’ve got a long string of sad faces you might want to re-evaluate your life. You know, like talk to a therapist, take anger management classes, or I dunno, start looking at the bright side. At least you’re alive, right? And, uh, you have a calendar, so there’s that. See, things aren’t so bad! Then again, if the only things you’ve got going for you is that you’re alive and own a calendar then, yeah, maybe it makes sense that every day is a sad face.



Via: designtaxi.com

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