Dump Your Incandescent Bulbs For Something Cuter

Dump Your Incandescent Bulbs For Something Cuter

If you’ve needed a reason to replace your incandescent light bulbs with LED ones, here it is. AnimaLamps are portable lamps that provide just enough light for reading in bed or the back seat of the car. Available in giraffe, monkey and bunny designs, these kid-friendly lamps are durable enough for playtime and travel. Because they use LED lights they’re not hot to the touch and they’ve got a great battery life. But the best thing about AnimaLamps is the fact that they’re meant for reading, yet cleverly disguised as toys. Isn’t duping kids into liking stuff that’s good for them fun? Let me tell you, this will work waaaaay better than baking broccoli into cookies.


Via: gizmodo.com

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