Countdown To Christmas, Year 'Round

Countdown To Christmas, Year 'Round

If you think that Christmas is the most fun day of the year, then you already know that looking forward to it is even more exciting. It’s all about enjoying the process and starting your shopping in July, right Claus? The 52 Weeks to Xmas Calendar will help you count the weeks until Santa next squeezes down your chimney all.damn.year. There’s just one page for each week with big bold numbers, and 52 pages cleverly designed to be re-used year after year in an endless anticipation of ugly sweater parties, egg nog, and all that fa la la.


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  • IDontCareOhOhFeelsSoGood!!!!

    okay….. nice idea but only says the weeks- not a complete ‘time ticking’ countdown that says the days etc

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