Color Me Sleepy: Thermosensitive Pillow

Color Me Sleepy: Thermosensitive Pillow

The Thermosensitive Pillow is a pillow that displays a different color when in contact with body heat. They come in medium and large sizes (no XXL?!) and you can choose from black (which turns to green/blue), red (to violet) and burgundy (to purple). This might be just the thing I need. See, I’m in the middle of trying to Sherlock Holmes a mystery: every night when I hit the sack I sense a fresh booty odor on the place where I lay my head. If my intuition is correct, as I catch some late night re-runs of Frasier, my dog has been dragging her ass across my pillow (she HATES Kelsey Grammar after what he did to Camille). The worst part is, I tried to get her back by stankin’ up her dog bed AND SHE LOVED IT. :/



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