Coffee Mugs for Grammar Nerds

Coffee Mugs for Grammar Nerds

If grammar is as important to you as your morning coffee, then these should be you’re mugs! (Ha, gotcha!) This set of 6 mugs highlights the correct usage of commonly confused words like “lose” and “loose” or “effect” and “affect.” Their (*snicker*) a great gift for the grammar Police in your life who’s always correcting your Facebook statuses. Unless you are the person always conducting a grammar check on Facebook statuses—then they make a great gift for all of your clueless friends who literally (gotcha again!) can’t function without the grammar lessons on these mugs.


Via: That's Nerdalicious

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  • River Newell-Cline

    On the to, two, and too cup, there should be a comma before “too.”

  • Real grammar nerds will add the comma with a red Sharpie.

  • Monica

    Actually, no, there should not be a comma before or after “too” (unless it’s a name and you’re addressing someone).

  • Alexandra Cannon

    It’s subjective and mostly stylistic. A comma before the word “too” is purely for emphasis. It’s correct either way, though the meaning of the sentence changes slightly.

  • Gareth Pert

    I disagree. But either way there is no need for “”.

  • mollie

    I’d add something like ‘if you’re looking for the tea canister, it’s on your right’

  • Gabrielle

    As a dyslexic, I read your comments and must confess to a bit of grammar envy.
    As I am most certain someone will come along and correct my grammar, I only ask that you please…be gentle.

  • chemj291705

    I will lend you ten pounds. So yes, you can borrow it.

  • DMD

    More accurately, such a comma, should you decide to insert one, should be immediately after “sugars” and just before the space before “too”.

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