Banana Holder Vicky

Banana Holder Vicky

Dull fruit bowls belong in model homes with fake plastic apples. Your home needs something fresh and exciting like Vicky. Vicky, a handmade porcelain banana holder, hangs on the wall and holds bananas in a way that makes them look like deer antlers or bull horns—an amusingly ironic design, especially for vegetarians and non-hunters. Just place your bananas in it to ripen and watch your guests go for bananas while your bowl of apples goes completely unnoticed.


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  • Tanner

    1) Unless you’re a primate, you shouldn’t have bananas hanging from your wall.
    2) When empty, ‘Vicky’ would highly resemble an athletic cup. Not cool.
    3) $190 is more than enough money to buy an entire year’s worth of bananas.
    4) This is the most overpriced piece of crap that I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

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