Avast! The Treasure Chest BBQ Grill

Avast! The Treasure Chest BBQ Grill

If you’re looking for the perfect grill to go with your pirate chest cooler look no further. This custom made BBQ grill looks like a pirate chest and opens with a pirate sword lever. It also sports some piratey looking grilling utensils hung on the front crossbones style. The treasure chest grill is available on Etsy for $11,500. Dayuum, that’s a lot of doubloons. Actually, I don’t know the exact number of doubloons because Google’s currency converter doesn’t include those. I’m disappointed to discover that it also excludes Zelda rupees, Mario coins, and Sonic rings as types of currency. Really Google? You have walking directions to Mordor, but no fictional currency conversions?


Via: theawesomer.com

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