Aint Misbehavin': Time-Out Timer Stool

Aint Misbehavin': Time-Out Timer Stool

This is the Time-Out Timer Stool. When your kid misbehaves (to put it nicely, because he was actually being a total a-hole) just turn this little stool over to start the 5 minute timer. Then sit that little jerk down. When the sand runs out, his punishment is over. Maaan, I wish this was around when I was a kid. My mom used to send me to my room for a predetermined 5 minutes. Since I didn’t know how to read a clock (still don’t!), I never knew when the hell my time would be up. It’d be hours before she’d finally come looking for me, wondering what I was doing like she didn’t have a clue. Uhhh, I’ve been sitting under my bed, screaming “I WANT A NEW MOM!!!” for the past 3 hours. What the hell does it look like I’m doing? Obviously, I’m in time out. That lady… she always had a knack for losing track of the time. Soooo convenient.


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