A Coffee Table That Doubles As A Dollhouse

A Coffee Table That Doubles As A Dollhouse

This is the Qubis Haus, a coffee table that doubles as a dollhouse. Or a dollhouse that doubles as a coffee table. Ooh! OR BOTH. The multifunctional furniture was designed by Amy Whitworth of Qubis Design, a Wales-based company. The dollhouse part’s got a bunch of sliding panels and magnets and other stuff so you’re able to customize the lay out. You know, if you’re into an open floor plan or whatever. Me? I live in a studio apartment that’s the size of a shoe box. It doesn’t even have a kitchen! I’ve just got a cooler and a hot plate that I keep on top of the TV. Sure it’s kind of a fire hazard, but then again, so is keeping the microwave by the shower.


Via: www.gizmodiva.com

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