You Don't Have To Make Your Own Iced Coffee Anymore

You Don't Have To Make Your Own Iced Coffee Anymore

I can’t start my day without two very large cups of coffee. Before I’ve had my coffee, I lack any sort of motor skills, and my ability to communicate is diminished to¬†monosyllabic¬†words and grunts. When summer rolls around, I face a tough decision every morning. Do I drink piping hot coffee and sweat, or do I take the time to make myself some nice cold iced coffee? The iced coffee takes a lot more effort, and I’m just not up for that in the morning. Sure, I could go to the store to buy a cup of iced coffee, but most stores just don’t offer good coffee, iced or otherwise. Australia’s One Tree Coffee Co has created the perfect solution to that problem – bottled iced coffee. They brew it fresh using high quality beans, and bottle it on site, so it’s fresh and delicious when you drink it. I can really only see one problem with this – they’re not located anywhere near my house.

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