Would Drink: Pizza & Spaghetti Slushies

Would Drink: Pizza & Spaghetti Slushies

Couche-Tard, a Canadian convenience store chain, has pizza and spaghetti themed slushies. Whoa whoa whoa, another spaghetti related post? That’s two in one day! I know what I’m gonna have for dinner tonight. SPOILER: leftovers. What? I hosted a big shindig and nobody came. Can’t let all that food go to waste! Be sure to watch the commercial for the pizzaghetti combo below. It features a sexy ass pizza lounging at the park and then some spaghetti strumpet trying to be all seductive. Hey lady, you stay away from Pizza! PIZZA IS MINE!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5yo5UGsU2Q?rel=0&w=570&h=321]

Via: foodbeast.com

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