Whaaa?: Wasabi & Fresh Cut Grass Vodkas

Whaaa?: Wasabi & Fresh Cut Grass Vodkas

Polish vodka makers Wyborowa have announced Oddka, a line of wacky vodka flavors. Two of the most bizarre are Fresh Cut Grass and Wasabi. What do you chase wasabi vodka with? Soy sauce? Ginger? Edamame? Ooh, you’re right — sake! Are you trying to get me drunk? Because it’s totally working. *glug glug glug* They’ve also got Salty Caramel Popcorn, Apple Pie, and Electricity flavors too. You know because electricity has a taste. It’s called PAIN and Holy shit call an ambulance! Which is not really an appealing flavor if you ask me. Trust. I put my tongue in an electric socket once. It looked like beef jerky!

Check it out

Via: foodbeast.com

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