Weed Pairings Are The New Wine Pairings

Weed Pairings Are The New Wine Pairings

Move over wine pairings, you’re old news! Hapa Sushi restaurant in Colorado and ad agency TDA_Boulder has created a menu of weed pairings. Apparently, the Pakistani Kush perfecting compliments the Pakololo Shrimp, while Blue Dream goes well with the Katsu Curry. That’s strange, I always thought Blue Dream paired beautifully with some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and a side of cheese bread. You learn something new everyday! Annnnd forget it, because: marijuana. The restaurant doesn’t actually sell MJ or allow smoking on the premises, it’s just a clever ad campaign to celebrate the fact that ganj is officially legal for recreational use in Colorado. Which coincidentally is why I’ve bought a one-way ticket there. Jk jk, while it’s not legal for recreational use here in Cali, it’s legal if recommended by a doctor for medicinal purposes, which is good enough for me. I get headaches. Headaches if I don’t smoke weed.


Via: Blazenfluff

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  • iHaveNoNameBecauseiSmokeWeeD

    Blue dream & Katsu curry sounds yummy 🙂

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