This Attachable Ice Cream Cone Ring Catches Melting Ice Cream

This Attachable Ice Cream Cone Ring Catches Melting Ice Cream

Meet the Drip Drop. It’s a waffle cone ring that fits around your ice cream cone to keep melting ice cream from getting all over your hands. The ice cream cone ring comes in chocolate and original and you can customize them with toppings. And there’s more! Per the Drip Drop website:

A hallmark of The Drip Drop is that it’s environmentally friendly because it can replace paper napkins. Did you know that approximately one million trees could be saved each year if the current number of napkins used in ice cream shops was replaced by edible and delicious Drip Drops?

I don’t know where they got their math aside, an ice cream cone ring is a pretty clever concept! A concept concocted by two 14 year olds, which begs the question: what am I doing with my life? I am twice their age and I have done nothing. Someone give me a pep talk, I’ve got to do something!





Images via the Drip Drop Instagram page


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