Think Of The Possibilities!: Posable Gingerbread Cookie Cutters

Think Of The Possibilities!: Posable Gingerbread Cookie Cutters

These are Posable Gingerbread Cookie Cutters sold over at I Want One Of Those (not to be confused with I Want All Of Those, the most greedy shop in the land!). You can get a set for just $20, which includes a torso plus twelve interchangeable arms and legs so you can put your Gingerbread peeps all kinds of poses. The possibilities are endless, you just gotta use your imagination! Personally I’m no longer allowed to participate in the family cookie-making process on account of the middle finger sugar cookies I made last year during the holidays. PROOF. Mom says I basically disgraced the whole fam. I can’t say I blame them from banning me, but you gotta admit: middle finger cookies are hilarious!

posable-cookie-cutters-4 posable-cookie-cutters-3 posable-cookie-cutters-2


Via: Gizmodo

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