OMFG, There's A Reason Why There's A Hole In A Pasta Spoon!!!

OMFG, There's A Reason Why There's A Hole In A Pasta Spoon!!!

Hold on to your M-F butts, you guys. There’s a raisin — NO! — a reason there’s a hole in a pasta spoon. It’s for measuring a single serving of spaghetti. Not for water drainage as I previously believed. Why can’t it be both? It totally can be actually. We live in a time where anything is possible! Unfortunately, with this pasta spoon hole enlightenment, we can no longer believably feign ignorance when we accidentally make enough spaghetti to feed an entire village and still have leftovers. Which will greatly reduce my pasta intake. Sure, there’s a good possibility (pastability?!) I will shed a few pounds as a result, but what about the spaghetti? How is spaghetti gonna feel? You got to take that into consideration with these things. We love you pasta sghetti, don’t ever change!


Via: Thrillist

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  • Suzy

    This totally changed my life. When I saw it, I ran downstairs too cook myself some spaghetti IMMEDIATELY. It was fantastic, I never felt so exited before; can I finish this meal? Will there be too much pasta? Questions popped in my head while I boiled the water and waited for my perfect portion. When I was ready, I dug in and enjoyed my fantastic spaghetti with a big splash of Curry Gewürz. When I finished, I was full. But not too full, I had just the right amount of spaghetti. I was deeply moved and must have cried for 2 days thinking how the world and everything I know must all be lies!!! Why haven’t anyone told me this before? Gladly, I’m better now, but I’ll never be the same again.

  • Trinh Lam

    Oh my goodness lol now it makes sense. Thanks for the info. I was always wondering what it was used for.

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