The Tea-A-Day Calendar

The Tea-A-Day Calendar

We’ve seen all kinds of calendars here at IT. Like, pretty much any theme you can imagine, we’ve seen it. There’s the doo-doo calendar, bubble wrap calendar, nice Jewish boys calendar, men-ups calendar, smexy pizza calendar… the list goes on. Now there’s the Tea Calendar by Hälssen & Lyon. It consists of 365 pressed teas, one for each day of the year. Just boil some water, rip off today’s tea, steep, and enjoy! Or don’t enjoy. Whatever, that’s totally up to you. But maybe throw some sugar or honey in there and at least try to have a pleasurable experience? God, you’re so hard to please!




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Via: Food Beast

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  • A person

    Where do I buy it!?!?

  • Stump

    Sadly, you can’t. It was produced basically as a test product

  • me

    wont it go stale?

  • Abbé Faria

    I didn’t know I needed this in my life before now.

  • Dana

    it’s going through more testing but it is to be for sale soon. I’m hoping for next year or maybe the year after.

  • Ndyta

    I need this 😀 where i can buy it?

  • beth


  • SHE

    i want it!!!!!

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