The Seven Layer Breakfast Sandwich

The Seven Layer Breakfast Sandwich

Because a sandwich isn’t really a sandwich unless it’s bigger than your head, here’s The Seven Layer Breakfast Sandwich. It was made by Nick over at DudeFoods. There are seven layers of meat on this bad boy — bacon, turkey, turkey bacon Canadian bacon, ham, breakfast sausage, and turkey breakfast sausage. Nick also threw on seven eggs separated by seven pieces of toast, plus some tomato slices and spinach. Because clearly he’s a health nut. What I need to know is, what the hell is his eating strategy? Does he go from top to bottom? Bottom to top? Does he swallow it whole? Or does he eat it Jenga-style? Jenga style is when you pull out individual pieces and hope it doesn’t topple over, FYI. It’s a pretty solid technique as long as you don’t mind eating the majority of your meal off the floor. You know, after the whole thing inevitably falls.

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