Jelly Belly, a company best known for tricking me into eating nasty jelly beans because they look just like the yummy jelly beans thus making me throw up in my mouth a little, has come out with a new flavor — Tabasco sauce! I don’t know how I’m gonna smother my burrito in jelly beans, but I’m sure gonna try. Better yet, why not make a batch that taste like Sriracha and then we’ll really be in business! No, for real. The whole Sriracha thing was my idea and if you guys wanna be a part of it, you’re gonna give me a cut. A big one. Orrrrrrr just a life time supply of jelly beans. Wait — no! The money. I want the money! Ahhh man… stupid stupid stupid!


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  1. Reliance Pantry

    I love Tabasco, eat it on everything. Have to find some of these.