Sushi Cats: A Bizarre Photoseries

Sushi Cats: A Bizarre Photoseries

Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts brings us this photoseries called Sushi Cats. The set features shots of kitties laying on a bed of rice, wearing some kooky-ass costumes and accessories. Like a lobster. Or knitting needles. What is going on here?! I’ll tell you what: magic. Jk jk, it’s a whole lot of WTFery. Sometimes I get the two confused! Last week I thought I was at a magic show. Turns out I was watching to homeless dudes fight in an alley way. Boy was I embarrassed! And considerably disappointed because I was expecting to see some cool tricks.








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  • Jack B Nimble

    I like how you cut the original source out of your via list.

  • Brittany High

    Hi Jack, the original source can be found by clicking the “Check it Out!” button following the article.

  • Looks good. Was relieved to see this warning from original site: No cats were harmed in creating this content. All the filming/shooting of the cats was conducted under the guidance of professional animal handlers.

  • Cmg

    Yeah jack. Way to be a dick.

  • ooookay that’s enough internet for today

  • Lovely idea! I like cats so much 🙂

  • illy

    so cute!

  • gogy

    So sick!

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