Snoop Dogg's Hot Pocket Rap Commercial

When you smoke weed erryday, you gotta have some noms on hand for when the munchines kick in. My go-to is Totino’s Pizza Rolls, but his royal Highness, Snoop Dogg, is a sucker for Hot Pockets. This is a music video made by Hot Pockets featuring Snoop, DeStorm Power, and Andy Milonakis rapping about the tasty snack. It’s a reworking of the 2004 hit ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’, which if you think about it, is really terrible advice for handling Hot Pockets. The video’s highlights include a giant Hot Pocket booty dancing with some smexy ladies, and… well that’s really the best part. OMG, Giant Hot Pocket — just dance right into my mouth!


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