Pizza Vending Machine Coming To The US!

Pizza Vending Machine Coming To The US!

In a move that solidifies my inevitable fate of being a fatty for life, the pizza vending machine is finally making its way to the States this fall. The machine, called Let’s Pizza, puts together the dough, sauce and adds up to three toppings. It’ll set you back $6 per ‘za and take about 3 minutes to produce. Do you know what this means, people? That’s right — you can have pizza anytiiime. Where I live, the latest a pizza place that delivers closes 4 AM. I’m like, “Uh, what am I supposed to do when I get the itch at 6 AM?” and they’re all, “It’s only 10:30 PM. Don’t call here unless you’re ordering a pizza!” to which I reply, “Oh…I’d like a large Meat Lovers with 12 piece hot wings — STAT.”

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  • Foodie

    I saw something like this on an episode of How Stuff Works (I think) a few months back. The concept seems interesting but how good can something like this really taste? I guess the proof is in the pudding … err … pizza pie. That being said, I am a sucker for new products so I am more than willing to give this a try when it comes to the states.

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