Nunchucks + Chopsticks = Nunchops

Nunchucks + Chopsticks = Nunchops

I’ve always considered myself a ninja. I mean, I’m practically just like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They live underground (I live in the basement!),¬†fight bad guys late at night (video games till 4 AM!), and eat pizza (eat pizza!). I’m practically one of them. Only difference is (besides species, age, gender, and my general lack of abilities), I haven’t quite mastered the art of chopstick eating like a true ninja should. Maybe I’ll have better luck using these nunchuck-chopsticks hybrid, Nunchops! The set of chopsticks are chained together so you’ll never lose one AND they look intimidating enough to ward off any potential food thieves. Just a quick question: how does one go about devouring a pizza using chopsticks?



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