Moreo: Dippable Oreos

Moreo: Dippable Oreos

Oreos are delicious. They make me fat. But do you think that’s gonna stop me from eating the hell out of them? No. What’s going to stop me is my mom threatening to take away my TV privileges. UGH, WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN?! Redditor EternallyXIII took a package of Oreo cookies and scraped the creme filling out of each cookie. And didn’t even eat one in the process? I call bullshit! He packed the creme into the center of the cookie tray for optimal dipping. Did I just die and go to heaven? Because if so, heaven smells like rotting flesh. If not, then uh, did something die in here? It smells like something died in here.




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Via: HiConsumption

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