More Tasty Sweatshirts For Stoners

More Tasty Sweatshirts For Stoners

Just in time for 4/20, here’s a series of junk foodie type sweatshirts sold by Beloved Shirts. Wait, what do you mean “Four-twenty was a few days ago?” Fufufufuuuu! I knew I was forgetting something. The ganj, man… It’ll getcha. This collection is pretty similar to these other super trippy sweatshirts we posted a while back. Similar in that they all look like something I’d wear! Especially that pickle one. Man, I love pickles. I could talk about pickles all day. In fact, sometimes I do! To anyone who will listen. You might consider that one of the many reasons I don’t have a lot of friends.








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  • Ben

    I should stock up on one of these for those ugly sweater parties in the winter. Too awesome!

  • Diko

    Not sure, if everyone would finally find me sweet in some of these, or just hate me for making them hungry…

  • IJR

    I eat thunder and crap poop.

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