Mmm!: A Scented Macaroon Coin Purse

Mmm!: A Scented Macaroon Coin Purse

This is a Macaroon Coin purse sold over at Fred Flare. It’s offered in six different colors: orange, white, pink, brown, green, and yellow. Each one actually SMELLS like a macaroon. Mmm! With this thing, it’ll be a challenge to NOT eat my handbag and all its contents. Lord knows I only carry one to tote around my candy stash. Including and not limited to: keys, chapstick, kleenex, a compact mirror, and anti-bacterial hand soap. Not to mention that I’ve downed my fair share of nickels, dimes, coins, pennies… hell! I’ve eaten MORE than my fair share of Chuck E. Cheese tokens. Those… those are the best tasting coins of all.



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