Mmm, A Motorcycle Made Out Of Candy

Mmm, A Motorcycle Made Out Of Candy

This is a life-size motorcycle made out of candy. It’s reminds me of The Candy Bike we saw a while back, but this one’s got a motor. No, no it doesn’t actually. But it looks like a motorcyle so… totally different? The sugary moto was made by Artist Christiam Ramos who used 20,000 candies to complete the whole thing. That… is a lot of candy. Like, a one way ticket to diabetes. Never look back! The only thing that would make this thing sweeter (!!!) is if it had a sidecar. Not just because that means EVEN MORE CANDY but also because a sidecar means you can tote someone along to share in the enivtable candy-binge to come. Jk jk, it’s totally because that means even more candy.





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