Tasteful Fashion: Dessert-y Heels

Tasteful Fashion: Dessert-y Heels

Shoe Bakery sells a line of high-end shoes that look like all kinds of dessert-y items. There are heels inspired by sundaes, red velvet cake, donuts, even a wedding cake. You can snag a pair of heels for upwards of $200 or flats for $60. Alternatively, wear some giant gallon buckets of ice cream on your feet. That’s what I did! Saved myself $194 or so and my feet are only kind of numb. Okay, if I’m being honest, I can’t feel my toes anymore. But damn, I am looking GOOD.









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Via: Foodiggity

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  • andreaguerrero

    i wamt one that looks like chocolate…i dont know if they have it..but damn i want them

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