How To Eat Goldfish Off A Treadmill

In “Things That Make My Very Simple Mind So Very Happy,” Vine-er Savannah posted this amazing 6 second video of a shirtless dude eating Goldfish like no one’s ever seen a shirtless dudeĀ eat Goldfish before. Or anyone, for that matter. He eats those cheddar crackers off of a moving treadmill. It is impressive. Even after you see that he left a crumbly trail pile of destruction in his wake eat. RIP Goldish. You have not died in vain! Two year olds everywhere are mourning your passing.


Via: Neatorama

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  • koorah

    my new favorite gym activity

  • bloopism

    You’re abusing the crossing out of words, we get it, you’re trying to be clever. Only one per article otherwise it gets confusing and distracting. I don’t even remember wtf I was reading now. :/

  • When stupidity knows no boundaries

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