Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

Archee McPhee is now selling this Horse Head Squirrel Feeder for just $15. You might remember the Squirrel Head Squirrel Feeder they came out with a while back. Or if you’re like me, you blocked it from your memory because that was just a little too meta for my taste. I need things to be as UN meta as possible. What can I say, I’m complicated. As you can see the Horse Head Suirrel Feeder makes those little rodents look ridiculous. I love it. You love it. Let’s get together and point and laugh at those doofy bastards. Ooh, and we can both wear our horse head masks too! Can you imagine? Us in our doofy-ass horse heads watching the squirrels sticking their faces into horse heads? So meta. Wait — noooooooooooo!




2nd image via Reddit


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