Ghost Pepper Super Hot Candy Balls

Ghost Pepper Super Hot Candy Balls

Atomic fireballs can step aside ’cause there’s a new candy that rages fire in your mouth: Timmy’s Ghost Pepper Super Hot Candy Balls. Made with ghost pepper chili powder, the candies hit 1 million SHU (for reference, jalapenos top out ~8,000). Basically, you can wreak some serious havoc on your mouth. And you know what? Your mouth is gonna be like “Aw hell naw, I’m outta here!” and pack up his bags and leave. Everyone will ask “Dude what happened to your mouth?” and you’re not gonna be able to answer them because, you know, no mouth. But they’ll know. Oh, they’ll know. They’ll see it in your eyes. Your eyes will have the look of fear because they witnessed your mouth go through the fiery pits of hell. AND YOU MADE THAT HAPPEN. Your butt might leave too!


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