Drinking On The Go: Powdered Beer

Drinking On The Go: Powdered Beer

Pat’s Backcountry Beverages is a company looking to sell you powdered beer for on-the-go type trips where you can’t be lugging around a backpack full of brewskis. But that’s my M.O.! It’s pretty simple — all you have to do is add water. Then, glug glug glug and pass out in the woods or the side of the road or whatever. The technology behind the product is pretty complicated. Lots of science involved. And by science I mean magic. Booze magic. Eeeeee, that’s my favoritest kind! Currently the company is looking for investors, because powderfying beer is pricey. Unfortunately, the target audience (on the go boozehounds like myself) don’t have money to spare — supporting a severe drinking habit is NOT cheap! Consider yourself more fancy and refined than beer? They’ve got powdered wine, too. Under the drinking age? They’ve got powdered soda for you, ya little whipper snapper! Also, does your mom know you’re on the internet? No? Good, now go grab her wallet and donate some money to the cause and I won’t tattle.

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Via: foodbeast.com

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  • ee

    2nd worst invetion of all time (after beer)

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