Fanciest TV Dinner EVAR

Fanciest TV Dinner EVAR

Chef Charlie Bigham is not f***ing around. He’s making and selling the fanciest, most luxurious-est, and expensive ready made dinner. It costs £314.16 ($513) and according to the shop site contains the finest British lobster, wild turbot, fresh diver-caught scallops, Balik smoked salmon and oysters, poached in Dom Perignon champagne sauce, fresh white Alba truffle, creamy mashed Yukon Gold heritage potatoes and a crunchy 24-carat gold leaf crumb. All this fancy mess is served in a 24-carat gold leaf tray along with an amuse-bouche of Beluga caviar. And because errybody gonna want a bite, the meal is hand delivered in an aluminum case, cuffed to a security guard. Dayum rich people, y u gotta be so crazy? Share the wealth, spread it around. Spending over $500 on one single glorified TV dinner? I mean, with that kind of money you could buy like 500 Hot Pockets and feed an entire village! Orrrr a very hungry blogger. I’m talking about me! I can put those sexy-ass pockets of hot lovin’ away like it’s my J-O-B.

Image via Yahoo! News


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