The Dunkin' Buddy Revolutionizes The Cookie Dunking Process

The Dunkin' Buddy Revolutionizes The Cookie Dunking Process

Milk and cookie mishaps happen. Sometimes the cookie gets too soggy, other times the cookie doesn’t get soft enough, most of the time you eat all the cookies and wonder why you did that, all of the time there are chunks of cookie casualties piled at the bottom because why does everything have to be so difficult? Fortunately there’s the Dunkin’ Buddy, a genius invention that solves three out of those four problems. Like in the immortal words of Meatloaf: two out of three ain’t bad. And that probably applies to three out of four, too. The Dunkin’ Buddy is a magnetic tray and control handle. The tray holds the cookies inside the glass, the handle moves the tray up and down from the outside. According to the product site, theĀ folks behind the device claim they’re working on manufacturing it. That’s right, they’re bringing it to the masses aka doing the good Lord’s work. What? Oh you know The Big Guy Upstairs is into this! He’s just ticked he didn’t think of it first.

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