Drink Chocolate Beer Out Of A Chocolate Glass

Drink Chocolate Beer Out Of A Chocolate Glass

Sankt Gallen, a Japanese Brewery, brings us Imperial Chocolate Stout served in a chocolate glass. The product site claims the set was made available for purchase in early February, but sold out in a matter of minutes. I can totally see why! Drinking booze and eating chocolate? Sounds just like a Saturday night at my place. Hiyoooo! Ah, it’s funny because I am so very alone. Except for the cats! I still got my cats. Aw, who am I kidding? They only like me because I rub myself down with catnip every morning. That, and canned tuna. Catnip and canned tuna: a winning combination if you’re trying to make yourself irresistible to cats. And, let’s be honest — when am I not?

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Via: foodbeast.com

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