Dream Come True: Brownie Bar Maker

Dream Come True: Brownie Bar Maker

So we’ve already got the machine that bakes pie pops, one that cranks out ice cream sandwiches, and thank goodness for the pigs in a blanket maker, because, well, if it weren’t for that last one, I might not have this fat gut! But how can we reach the next level of gluttony? I’m glad you asked, because I was hoping you could front me the cash for it. This is the Brownie Bar Maker. It’s a machine that bakes 6 brownies every 5-8 minutes, which gives me juuuust the right amount of time to finish eating one batch as the next is ready to consume. I’m on a mission to get diabetes, see. It’s on my bucket list!


Via: theworstthingsforsale.com

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