Double Whammy!: Wine Ice Cream

Double Whammy!: Wine Ice Cream

This is Wine Ice Cream. It’s sold by Mercer’s and it contains such a high alcohol content (5%) that you gotta be of legal age to consume it. Ah, wine and ice cream — quite the combination. Just add a pinch of cat hair and a dash of me sobbing into a pillow wondering where I went wrong  and I’d say this combo sounds like my typical Saturday night! And when you’re unemployed every night is Saturday night. That’s the definition of a blessing and a curse! You can choose from Cherry Merlot, Chocolate Cabernet, Peach White Zinfandel, Port, Red Raspberry, Chardonnay, or Riesling. OR buy them all and let’s get this party started! Please? I just polished off the last of my wine and ice cream, and that’s usually what gets the tears flowing.

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  • Smoochie

    You must be my alter ego 😀

  • OMG does that mean you’re MY alter ego?

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