Cookbook For Crappy Eaters

Cookbook For Crappy Eaters

Never mind the news that junk food served in schools is being called a threat to national security. Keep shoveling that crap in your mouth, big guy. Featuring 51 recipes, Junk Foodie is a cookbook that helps you turn vending machine food into something truly special. Got a package of cheese and crackers, two packets of mustard, and a packet of ketchup? Guess what? You got what it takes to make Welsh Rarebit! Or maybe you’re holding onto a bag of Cheez-Its, a bag of Onion Garlic Chips, a bag of pork rinds and a packet of ketchup? Well, then you’ve got the ingredients to make a Terrine Normande!  With recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beyond, Junk Foodie takes vending machine dining to the next level.


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