Chug champagne?

Chug champagne?

Have you ever felt so fancy that you reached for champagne and not beer? What if you wanted to chug your champagne like a can of beer? The thing is that traditional champagne glasses don’t accommodate heavy drinkers, and true alcoholics will need to dirty multiple glasses just to get a buzz going. Sure, we can down it straight from the bottle, but where’s the class? The finesse? Well, alcoholics, getting fancy just got fancier. Introducing the Chambong – a bong-shaped champagne glass where you take sips (or chugs) from the bottom of the glass. There’s no base so you can’t place it on a flat surface without it tipping over, but why would you even consider putting it down when there’s champagne around? This finely-tuned, artisan-crafted alcohol bonging device is the perfect champagne delivery-system for people who have live life to the fullest.

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