A Wedding Gown Made Of Cake

A Wedding Gown Made Of Cake

Now you can have your cake and wear it too! This is a six-feet tall wedding gown made entirely from cake. It consists of 28 pounds of flour, sugar and butter, plus 224 eggs, 52 pounds of icing, AND the thing is filled with 17 pounds of vanilla butter cream and 7 pounds of raspberry jam. According to my calculations, all those numbers added up equals put it in my mouth already! The delicious dress was created by Baker Donna Millington-Day who was inspired by her 6 year old daughter, Hannah. Good thinking, Hannah! The only cake I ever inspired my mom to make was sugar-free and low-fat. I guess that’s what I get for insisting I eat the whole damn thing by myself.

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Via: www.neatorama.com

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