A Happy Meal For Adults?!

A Happy Meal For Adults?!

This is the Blitz Box. It’s like a Happy Meal but for grown ups. Grown ups who like to eat their weight in burgers and nuggets. Jk it’s actually meant for multiple people to share, but do you think that’s gonna keep a real eater from scarfing it all down herself? No. Nothing will stop me. Right now the mondo meal is being tested in Kansas City, Missouri, hence the Kansas City Chiefs affiliation. The meal includes 2 Quarter Pounders with Cheese, a 20 piece Chicken McNuggets, and 2 medium fries. Umm, does anyone else see a problem here? Where’s my XL soda? I’m gonna need some drank to wash all that food down, ya dum dums! God, who came up with this plan? Must be amateur hour over at the Mickey D’s headquarters. Hey, Ronald, when you guys are ready to make some big money, call me. I got ideas.

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Via: Food Beast

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