$1000 Tequila & Gold Flake Popsicle

$1000 Tequila & Gold Flake Popsicle

This is presumably the world’s most expensive popsicle, selling for a grand. It’s made with Tequilas Premium Clase Azul Ultra and some 24-carat gold flakes. Yeah, for $1000 a pop it better get me drrruuuunk. FOR LIFE. C’mon, a popsicle is a popsicle is a popsicle, people! You can make that shit on the cheap with an ice cube tray, some tooth picks, and Kool-Aid. You can even add a little boozey booze to the frozen concoction and get this party started. Ohhh yeeeeeaaaah — you KNOW the Kool-Aid Man is down. He’s crazy!

Via: laughingsquid.com

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