United States of TV Shows

United States of TV Shows

Business Insider put together this map of the US detailing the most popular show to take place in every state. To determine the results, they took into consideration the show’s longevity, reception by the audience and critics alike, awards, and other factors. Glad to see some of my personal favorite TV shows on the map — Murder, She Wrote represent! Can I get a what what for my girl Jessica Fletcher?! And also, while we’re making requests: can I also get her a vacation that doesn’t involve a murder? I know it’s asking a lot, because wherever J-Fletch goes, murder follows. But c’mon, she’s an old lady! She deserves a break. Besides, if you’re a murderer it’s in your best interest to wait until she’s out of the picture, because YOU KNOW she’s gonna find you out. She always does.

Via: Business Insider

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  • mbryan

    Medium is Arizona? Really?

  • MatchuPichu

    This is total bullshit

  • Jen

    Smallville? That was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia for 10 years… Is there a different Smallville, or is this all BS?

  • Sommer

    The map doesn’t show where the shows were shot; it’s shows where they were set (as in, the story takes place in Kansas).

  • glenn

    SOAP in CT? How about “Who’s the Boss?” or even “Gilmore Girls”, or better classics like Bewitched or I Love Lucy?

  • Alex

    That 70’s show has got to be more popular than Happy Days!?

  • Ummmm…I Love Lucy was New Your City. They only moved to Connecticut for the last 13 episodes (out of 181).

  • And you’ve got to be younger than 30 to think that. “Happy Days” finished rated #1 in its fourth season, #2 in its fifth, and #3 in its sixth. It also finished the TV season ranked anywhere from #16 to #28 for all but two of its other seasons. “That 70s Show”? Best finish…#49 in its first and sixth season. While not a fan of either show, it’s clear “Happy Days” was far, far more popular.

  • IgorEyeGore

    What is funny is people getting their knickers in a twist over this. You guys need to get out more.

  • Randy Clark

    This is an idiotic list, filled with error. And while IgorEyeGore has a valid point that this is relatively unimportant, factual errors like these need to be pointed out whenever possible.

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