Twue Wuv: Princess Bride Themed Wedding

Twue Wuv: Princess Bride Themed Wedding

Couple Nicole and David tied the knot in this super romantical Princess Bride themed wedding. They definitely make a great Westley and Buttercup. Damn it’s sweet. I’m not so much tearing up as I am having a full-on ugly cry complete with snot bubbles. What can I say, I’m sensitive emotionally unstable! But c’mon, can you really blame me? It’s The Princess Bride! Everyone loves that movie. Any person who doesn’t, well, that’s just inconceivable. Jk jk, but for real — if you know someone who is filled with anything but feel-goods and dreams of twue wuv when they see the iconic film, don’t trust them. They’re sick and they’re never gonna get any better!







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