The World's Only Vegan Strip Club

Casa Diablo is the world’s only vegan strip club. Ooh ooh, get this! I wonder if the strippers there have any meat on their bones. The vegan-friendly naked nightspot is located in — you guessed it! Portland. Of course the world’s only vegan strip club is in Portland, gah! To be honest, I thought the only reason people went to the strip clubs is for the chicken wings, but what do I know? Clearly nothing about strip clubs. Except Crazy Girls, the nudie bar by my place, has got a crazy happy hour! They got crazy girls AND crazy happy hour, what more could you ask for? More money. You could always ask for more money.

Watch the video to see comedian┬áKumail Nanjiani tour the place! WARNING: It’s a teensy NSFW based on naked ladies and some seriously sexy vegan food.


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  • doshdiosh

    Is this even a real thing? or just a thing on the Portlandia TV show?

  • Brittany High

    Yep, it’s real! It’s from the show Kumail Tours Portlandia, which is associated with the show Portlandia, but it’s not a scripted series and the places they visit are 100% real.

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