Just the Two of Us: Cosplayers Chilling at Home

Just the Two of Us: Cosplayers Chilling at Home

Cosplayers are usually seen with convention halls or dealer’s rooms as their backdrop. Occasionally you get some staged photos in a park or something, but very rarely do we see them just hanging out at home. Photographer Klaus Pichler created a series of portraits called Just the Two of Us that depicts cosplayers just doing their thing at home. Suddenly intimidating, cute, and badass looking cosplayers seem like any Tom, Dick or Harry. The series is supposed to embody the idea that we all occasionally want to be someone else, but all I can focus on is how nice everyone’s house looks. So not only do these folks have time to make beautiful costumes, but time to clean and decorate? Last time I went to a con I wore a link hat I bought on Amazon and I left my apartment a disaster. I feel bad about myself on all kinds of levels now.










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Via: Colossal

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